Secondary School Intensives

The Theatrical Response Group undertakes professional intensive Forum Theatre processes with young people aged 12 to 17 in WA secondary schools to explore issues of concern in their lives and communities.  

Creating the Ripple Effect

The participants and facilitator work together to construct scenarios that illustrate the issue, culminating in Forum Theatre performances for the students’ wider cohort of peers, their parents and siblings. TRG intensive programs assist in creating a ‘ripple effect’ that triggers meaningful discussion about the issue across the schools’ wider community.

Issues addressed are usually those currently facing the school community, which ensures commitment from students and includes topics such as abuse of alcohol and other drugs, bullying and cyberbullying, gang violence, criminality, domestic violence, sexuality, mental health, conflict resolution, cultural intolerance and respect.

Studies undertaken by Edith Cowan University Child Health Promotion Research Centre in 2014, and further external evaluations since, have consistently found that the benefits for students, teachers and schools who take part are many, including changes in knowledge, attitude and behaviour among students, and improvements in peer and teacher-relationships.

To learn more about TRG Intensives or enquire about undertaking this process at your school contact our TRG Program Officer on 9272 0000 or email

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