Ethics & Critical Thinking

Constable Care Foundation is seeking eight public primary schools in Perth and regional areas to take part in this initial trial phase for an Ethics and Critical Thinking Pilot Study.

The Ethical Leadership Program will involve trained volunteers facilitating weekly 40-minute discussion groups for Year 5 students throughout the 2022 school year, in a program designed to allow children to consider ethical dilemmas that develop their critical thinking, ethical reasoning and personal and social capabilities, including empathy and respect for other’s opinions.

Research evidence points to significant benefits for children’s personal and social development from participation in regular, in-depth and ongoing ethics and critical thinking programs. In addition, studies indicate that schools and communities which implement such programs report improvements in culture, including reduced bullying.

Volunteers will be recruited from within the school’s extended parent and community network, and screened and trained by Constable Care Foundation to facilitate student groups using WA curriculum-linked learning resources developed by Primary Ethics, a non-profit organisation which has been successfully delivering this program in NSW schools since 2010.

Public primary schools interested in finding out more about being involved in the pilot study can complete the Expression of Interest Form to register their interest in taking part. Constable Care Foundation is seeking eight public primary schools in Perth and regional areas to take part in this initial trial phase.

There is no financial cost for schools taking part in the pilot, however schools will be expected to:

  • Commit all or the majority of their Year 5 student cohort to the program for 2022.

  • Identify a weekly 40-minute timeslot and venue in which discussion groups can occur. A teacher will need to be present for duty of care purposes, and there will be some liaison time required with volunteers before and after each session.

  • Ensure all children taking part have parental permission to be part of the ECU-led evaluation process

  • Assist with sourcing volunteers from amongst the school’s extended parent and local community to be trained by Constable Care Foundation to deliver the program

  • Confirm that the principal, school council and parent body have all agreed the pilot program can take place in the school

Edith Cowan University as the evaluation partner will conduct pre and post testing of all students to assess benefit, with additional surveying of parents and school staff undertaken to determine the perceived value of the initiative as an ongoing Constable Care Foundation program beyond the trial period. While the evaluated pilot focuses on Year 5 students, an ongoing program would be made available to all school years from K-6.

For more information email or call 08 9272 0000. Click here to complete the Expression of Interest Form.

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