City After Dark

We've partnered with the WA Police Force to provide evening safety educational walking tours for upper secondary & tertiary students as well as community youth groups through the Perth CBD and entertainment precincts.

When darkness falls, and workers leave, young people become more vulnerable in this darker, quieter environment. City After Dark leads 30 students and their parents/teachers on a 3-hour walking of the CBD, teaching them how to identify risks and avoid dangerous situations.

City After Dark tours are excursions led by a WA Police Officer and supported by CCCSF Tour Assistants.  The program has a strong educational focus and uses participative, experiential learning. Teachers are provided with classroom resources that link excursion outcomes back to the WA curriculum for years 9-10.

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Key Learnings:

  • Catching transport into / from the city (train station safety, catching taxis and Ubers)
  • Stranger interactions (techniques to avoid potentially risky engagement)
  • Avoiding dangerous areas (unlit spaces, shortcuts, alleys etc.)
  • ATM access and handling cards and cash in public
  • Observation and awareness of surroundings (smartphone and headphone use)
  • Staying in travelled areas and walking with others
  • Empty carpark safety (getting back to your car)
  • Alcohol and its effect on safety and observation skills
  • Defusing or avoiding potential confrontation situations
  • Remaining inconspicuous – not doing things that will make you a target
  • Bars and clubs – the realities of drink spiking and sexual assault risks
  • Rules and regulations (obeying drinking and other laws)
  • Optional extra: Train safety. Travel into and return from the city by train. Contact us for more information.

Thanks to a grant from the WA Police Community Crime Prevention Fund, secondary school groups can arrange a tour during 2018-2019 on weeknights Monday through Thursday, for a one-off booking fee of $50+GST per tour.

These subsidised tours are on a first-come first served basis and restricted to 30 tours in total, with a limit of one tour per school.

Outside these limits, additional tours can be arranged on a fee for service basis at a cost of $450+GST per tour.

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Key Information

When: Mon – Thurs weeknights, commencing at 5.30pm and finishing at 8.30pm

How: By arrangement. Interested schools should contact us to make a booking

Who: Up to 30 students, parents and teachers per group, with groups led by a WA Police Officer with support from a trained TRG tour assistant

Where: A group meeting point in the city will be advised upon booking

Cost: For secondary school groups- $50+GST (subsidised) per group, with a limit of one tour per school. Beyond the subsidised cap of 30 tours (first-come) and for other groups, City After Dark tours are offered at a cost of $450+GST.

Wear: Walking shoes, long sleeves/long pants and consider bringing warmer clothes if likely to be cold

Legal stuff: Students must provide a signed permission form (supplied to the school in advance) before the tour commences. All schools and students must agree to take part in a pre/post tour and follow up evaluation process.

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