School excursions at the Constable Care Safety School!


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Safety first for Honeywood students

Over the course of a week the entire student body at Honeywood Primary School travelled on excursion to Constable Care Safety School to learn practical road safety skills, thanks to a ‘Your Move’ grant from the Department of Transport.

Constable Care Safety School is an outdoor excursion facility in Maylands where students aged 4-11 years navigate a realistic model town on bicycles. Students learn to interact safely with road signs, traffic lights, railway crossings and potential hazards such as oncoming cars, fallen powerlines and rail pedestrian mazes.

Honeywood Primary School Principal Danielle Howton said students thoroughly enjoyed their excursion and learnt many skills that they were previously unaware of.

“It is important to run practical road safety with the students as it embeds the theory taught in the classroom. It is far more meaningful when students are participating in real-life learning,” she said. “It also allows teachers to understand which areas of road safety require more reinforcement after attending Constable Care Safety School.”

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation CEO David Gribble says early-intervention practical learning is the best way to reduce the number of young people killed or injured on WA roads.

“Many teachers tell us they witness injuries and near misses in school zones on a regular basis. We want to prevent these incidents by teaching children comprehensive road safety skills as early as possible,” he said. “Constable Care Safety School gives students the chance to practice encountering hazards in a safe, controlled environment.”

Constable Care Safety School offers excursions for up to 60 students during the school term, as well as school holiday sessions for the public and out-of-school-care groups. For more information visit or call 9272 0000.

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