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Robyn celebrates 10 years with Constable Care

Congratulations to Business Services Coordinator, Robyn St John, who celebrated her 10-year anniversary with Constable Care Child Safety Foundation in November! Robyn is the longest-serving staff member, and a vital backbone of our organisation. From payroll to repairs, she does a bit of everything to keep the office running smoothly!

We had a chat with Robyn about her decade working with us, and what she’s most excited about for the future.

What’s your fondest memory from the past 10 years?

Definitely when the WA Child Safety Awards were introduced. It felt so professional and polished, and really got a lot of public awareness for us as an organisation. Between the VIPs, the media coverage and the sponsors, it’s really positioned us as an authority in the child safety space and introduced the WA public to the full scope of what we do. When I first started here, I didn’t really know what a wide variety of services Constable Care provided even back then, and it’s just grown and grown every year!

What are some changes you’ve really noticed in the organisation between then and now?

Well, we’ve really grown a lot since I started. We used to outsource our accounts back then, but we’ve got an onsite accountant now, Adele, and the changes she’s made to the way we manage the financial side of the business have been incredible to watch and be a part of. Everything feels more organised on the back-end now! We get to see a perspective of the organisation that’s quite unique and fascinating, and I really enjoy that. 

Outside of my and Adele’s side of things, it’s great to be part of an organisation that really makes a difference to WA. I’ve always gone home feeling really proud of what I do and what I’m a part of. I love what we do here.

Also, the standards have risen so much since then, as well, in terms of our very professional and committed performers, and staff that focus on specific areas such as events, media and community engagement. The rebranding and the new website are great as well!

Watching what we’ve accomplished in the last decade has been so inspirational. It’s amazing how much our reach has grown, performances for 2 million WA kids and counting!

What’s the best part about working for Constable Care?

Being part of an organisation that changes people’s lives through life skills education, helps to give them the best start, and prepares them for the difficulties they might face so that they can be strong and resilient. So many children face adversity – for that matter, so do adults! Teaching kids to be prepared for the possibility that these things may happen, ways to prevent them or minimise their impact, and also how to overcome hardship… Those skills are so crucial, and we really do address those important issues in a really effective way.

I’ve also really enjoyed being a part of the events and the lost child points; being able to reunite kids with their parents is a wonderful feeling. As Perth gets bigger and we have larger events, and more events, lost child services are more important than ever. I’m glad to be a part of making sure that families can enjoy those events safely.


What are you looking forward to seeing in our future?

The Safety School! Using augmented reality in education is such an exciting new development, and it’s really a sign that we’re keeping up with the times and educating kids in a way that excites them and helps them learn.

Other than that, seeing TRG carry on growing, reaching more teenagers and help them through their troubles. Being a teenager really can be hard sometimes, and they often feel like they’re alone in experiencing hardships such as bullying.  Using forum theatre to start frank discussions about the issues that affect them has really been good for a lot of the teens who we’ve been involved with.

What’s different about working in a non-profit organisation compared to the corporate world?

Well, I’m really passionate about Constable Care as an organisation and what we do. It’s been very satisfying to do a job that benefits the community. If I was doing the same job for a corporation, the mission would be all about profits; working here, it’s about purpose, and it’s about people. We have a responsibility to the organisations that trust us with their money, to make sure that we do our best to turn that money into better outcomes: happier, safer kids and communities. I know that my work is an important part of empowering the organisation to do its best job, and that’s a great feeling.

Congratulations, Robyn! We’re honoured to have you as part of the team.

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