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New survey shows half of WA students experience bullying

The Commissioner for Children and Young People has today released the results from a survey of almost 5000 WA students from Year 4-12. The Speaking Out Survey 2019 asked children and young people all across the state about their views on health, safety, family and school. The findings include:

  • One-half of Year 4–12 students say they have been bullied.

  • One-half of male students in Years 4–12 play electronic games every day.

  • 1-in-5 female students often go without eating or sleeping because of their mobile phone.

  • One-quarter of students say they can’t always access support for health worries when needed.

  • Almost 12% of students rated their health as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’.

  •  Nearly 1 in 2 female high school students do not always feel safe at home.

  • 70% of female high school students worry about their weight, compared to 37% of males.

  •  School and study problems are the most common source of stress for students in Years 9-12.

  •  More than half of female Year 9-12 students and one quarter of males have been sent unwanted sexual material.

  •  1 in 10 children and young people said there is only sometimes enough food for them to eat at home.

On a more positive note:

  • 9-in-10 female Year 4–6 students are happy at school and like learning. 

  • Younger students and male students overall are more likely to have a positive view of themselves.

  •  Most high school students think people their age should not use alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

  • Aboriginal students reported higher self esteem and sense of belonging than non-Aboriginal students.

While there are some promising results to this survey - it also make it clear that work in the child safety space is more important than ever.

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation provides free incursions to WA students in primary and secondary school. Covering topics such as cyber-safety, bullying, domestic violence, substance abuse and much more. 

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