Little Xander helps kids in crisis

Xander may have only just celebrated his first birthday, but he has already made a big difference in the lives of WA kids in crisis by donating his birthday presents to Constable Care Comfort Packs.

“Xander’s daddy is a serving WA Police Officer and he has experience in dealing with children in unfortunate situations on the front line,” said Xander’s mum Amber. “For Xander’s birthday party, we asked all guests to bring donations for Constable Care instead of birthday presents – Xander has so many toys already and his Mumma was running out of storage for said toys! Donations to a great cause seemed like the perfect solution.”

When a child is the victim of crime, neglect or involved in a traumatic situation, Constable Care ensures that they are provided with a comfort pack full of essentials such as toys, toothbrushes, pyjamas, blankets, toiletries etc.

Xander’s birthday party was a huge success and enough donations were raised for more than 10 comfort packs for kids in crisis.


“We hope to look back on this and be happy knowing he was able to help other children,” said Amber. “We would highly recommend Constable Care as a great local organisation that is so close to our hearts, and I’m sure a cause close the hearts of many of those on the front line of emergency services.”

If you are interested in helping kids who are victims of crime, trauma or neglect, volunteer your time to pack and distribute Constable Care Comfort Packs. 

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