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COVID-19 Update - Constable Care and TRG Incursions

Q: My school has an incursion booking in Term 1. Is it cancelled?
A: Following the advice of the WA Government concerning Covid-19, all Constable Care and Theatrical Response Group incursions are cancelled at this point until at least Term 2. To reschedule, please email

Q: I would like to reschedule, when are you recommencing incursions?
A: As Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, we are hopeful that Constable Care and Theatrical Response Group incursions will resume during Term 2. However, this will be subject to advice from WA Government. To reschedule, please email

Q: I have a booking in Term 2, will this be affected?
A: At this point in time, we will continue to monitor the Covid-19 impact. We will resume our services in line with advice from the WA Government at a time when it is safe for staff, students and the school community. We are hopeful this will be sometime during Term 2. For further information please contact

Q: Can you offer any alternatives to an incursion?
A: Constable Care Child Safety Foundation has a wide range of digital resources. Each of our incursions comes with a Teacher Resource Kit, which is complete with multiple lesson plans that cover the incursion topic, and align with WA curriculum.

Click here to find the Teacher Resource Kits for lower primary, upper primary and secondary school.

Primary students can continue to learn road safety through our award winning Arility program. The Arility app is free for WA classrooms and brings road safety to life using augmented reality. Click here to learn more.

For secondary students, our Your Call program uses interactive short films to teach students about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, mental health and aggression. These choose-your-own-ending films encourage students to make decisions that affect the outcome of the film and allow them to explore consequences in a safe environment. Your Call films also have full Teacher Resource Kits, complete with lesson plans.

Q: Can I make an incursion booking for later in the year?
A: We are still taking bookings for the rest of 2020. To enquire please email There is no limit to the number of free bookings a school can receive however it is subject to availability. We highly recommend you book as soon as possible as we expect our services to be in high demand when the school environment returns to normal.


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