Safety School FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Constable Care Safety School is an exciting excursion destination designed to teach children aged 4-11 road and public transport safety skills in a high-tech immersive learning environment.

Few people realise that not only does WA have one of the highest per capita state road tolls in Australia, tragically our children make up a disproportionate number of these deaths when compared to other states and territories. More than 20% of all Australian children who died as a result of road trauma in 2015, were killed on WA's roads. In 2016 the state’s general road toll statistics rose to its worst on record. There is an urgent need for early education programs that can reduce these unacceptably high figures.


The Safety School offers an experiential simulated-risk environment that safely introduces children to potential hazards, allowing them to “learn through play” through a practical opportunity to acquire skills that will protect them from harm.


The Safety School will recreate Perth’s streets in detail, including scale buildings, working rail platforms and crossings, traffic lights and intersections, road works, school zones, trains and buses, with every travel element likely to be encountered by a child represented onsite. Children will learn to identify safety hazards and how to respond, as well as general safety behaviours on the road.

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation has devised the Safety School program to correspond with SDERA (School Drug Education and Road Aware)’s K-6 Challenges and Choices resources. 

Bookings can be placed online here.  Payment is made online at the time of booking. For any questions regarding bookings, contact our Safety School Coordinator at 9272 0016, or via email


The Constable Care Safety School is an outdoor learning environment and operates in most weather conditions. The Safety School is well shaded with trees, wide verandahs and shade sails, which provide protection from the sun and light rain, and there are large undercover areas where students can shelter if necessary.

Should seriously inclement weather be forecast for the day of your excursion, including extreme temperatures or thunderstorms, we will contact you and offer to postpone your visit to an alternative date at no cost. We anticipate these occurrences will be rare, given that Perth is fortunate to have a climate that allows for outdoor activities throughout most of the school year.

Please check the weather forecast for your excursion day and request students to come dressed appropriately. If rain is forecast raincoats are recommended, and hats should be worn by all students regardless of the weather.

Should your school wish to cancel a booking, we require at least 4 weeks (20 business days) notice in order to be able to provide a full refund or rescheduling at no cost. For cancellations made more than 1 and less than 4 weeks before the excursion date (6 - 19 business days), a 50% refund will be offered or the opportunity to reschedule your group to another suitable date at no cost (where possible). No refund or rescheduling is available for previously cancelled bookings or cancellations made one week or less (5 business days) prior to a booking. Schools still wishing to attend will need to re-book and pay the excursion fee via the website. 

The Safety School is open to primary school groups from Pre-Primary to Year 6 (ages 4 - 11) with up to 60 students able to attend per session. Every school group booked has the Safety School experience to themselves - no sharing required!

Excursion sessions are 2 1/2 hours duration and are run both morning and afternoon Monday to Friday during school term. The cost is $594 inc GST per excursion group (regardless of actual student numbers and up to a maximum of 60 students per session).

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